Welcome to April! As we embark on a new month, we’re excited to unveil not one, but two Monthly Markers—no April Fool’s joke here! 💚💚

Band No. 1: Spilar 🇧🇪

Album cover: Spilar-Vandaag en alle dagen

Album: Vandaag en alle dagen (released 22 March 2024)
Song: Wa Ga Je Gie Doen

The first time I heard this song was in our car, en route to our cabin nestled in the woods. However, our journey was marred by a distressing event—serious water problems plagued us. Unbeknownst to us, water had been seeping through our cabin for four days, culminating in a flood disaster on a personal level. This song resonates deeply with me as it speaks to the larger-scale implications of such threats posed by water for humanity—where do we turn when faced with such dangers?”

You can find Spilar here:

Band No. 2: Laguz 🇳🇱

Single cover: Laguz-Lunaria

Song: Lunaria (Single released on the 23 February 2024)

Laguz, a Pagan Folk band hailing from The Netherlands, is currently in the process of crafting their debut album. Excitingly, this release marks their fourth single from the upcoming album! The song ‘Lunaria’ invites you to travel the expanse of a desert through the perspective of a wanderer’s quest for an elusive lover not unlike the Moon: always too many steps ahead.

You can find Laguz here:

We’ll play these songs 5 to 6 times a day for a full month on our radio station and of course, they will be in our special CeltCast – Monthly Markers Spotify list! Hopefully, you will love them as much as our team does!

Musical Greetings,

Ilona of The CeltCast Radio Team 🎻