Cover: Hanna van Gorcum-Whispers

Monthly Marker 📀Hanna van Gorcum (NL) – The Weaver’s Song (2022)

Last May, Hanna released her debut solo album ‘Whispers’, a project she realised together with lots of familiar names in our folk scene! On Bandcamp, it is described as “Scandinavian folk meets medieval murder ballads, poetic lyrics are carried by a wealth of unusual instruments.”

At Castlefest, this beautiful album came into the hands of CeltCast. We noticed that next to the 13 tracks, it contains a booklet of twelve pages with all the lyrics, song details and lovely drawings! 😍

👉 Because we want to share this album with our listeners, we decided that ‘The Weaver’s song’ will be our Monthly Marker of September! Vocals for this track are by Hanna, Meidi Goh (FB) and the Student women’s choir Medusa / Studentenvrouwenkoor Medusa (FB). We will play this amazing acapella poem 5 to 6 times a day! 🤩

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast

Photo by Anouk Pross Photography

You can find Hanna on: