Cover: MANdolinMAN & Ansatz Der Maschine-Houtekiet

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MANdolinMAN & Ansatz Der Maschine (BE) – Haspeldans (Album Houtekiet, 2022)

On the 18th of March 2021, during the pandemic and lockdown, we watched the livestream of Studio Trad: MANdolinMAN – Houtekiet. A pagan ‘Gospel’ about the origin of civilization, but at the same time a blueprint of the general human, life and death. Masterfully told and played by Jeroen Lenaerts, text written by Jonas Van Thielen.

We were in a kind of trance. The story and sound reached our hearts and afterwards we were talking about it regularly. This stream is still on FB, please watch it to travel this road with us!

And then, half a year ago, this amazing album fell on the doormat of CeltCast HQ and we fell in love for the second time! Last summer, we roamed through Belgium, and on the road we played this album non-stop! It’s difficult to describe the feeling it brings you. Maybe, it feels like a “Narnia journey” to the history of “Houtekiet”, the novel by Gerard Walschap (1939).

This album received lots of beautiful and praising reviews! You will find the links to those on their FB Page. On top of this, the music of MANdolinMAN is used for the new film “Leuven Bierstad”, which tells the complete history of Leuven beer from the Middle Ages to today. Info:

The album itself contains a booklet (14p) with a description of each instrumental song, so parts of the story and mystical drawings. In total it’s a piece of art to enjoy to the max. Chose a rainy Sunday to travel this journey. 🥰

Novel: Houtekiet – Gerard Walschap (1939)

The history of the natural man Jan Houtekiet, a wanderer whose birth or origin is unknown. He lives in complete freedom, enjoys life greedily and doesn’t mind either god or command. To him, only counts the voice of the heart and the satisfaction of one’s senses. No one dares to resist the extremely strong Houtekiet. The farmer girl Lien completely loses her heart to him. Jan Houtekiet builds a hut in the forest on the grounds of the castle and Lien moves in with him. It’s the village Deps’ first house. Other people come to Deps and the village starts to grow. 📚

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast

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