Check This Out! 💝 MONTHLY MARKER news! 🔁

Last week, the brand new album ‘Labyrinth’ of Waldkauz was our Daily Disc. Today, we can tell you that one of the songs on this album will be our new Monthly Marker! In October, we will play the song ‘Ariadnes Faden‘ five to six times a day. Ariadne is the goddess of passion! This ‘Andro’… will make you happy, will make our balfolk dancers happy, will let you dance, will let you move and will make you love our beautiful (Pagan) Folk scène even more! Beautiful people, let’s dance and make each other happy! 😍

Waldkauz wrote about this song:

This is our version of an Andro, a traditional Breton folk dance. In An Dro, the dancers hold hands and form a long chain. Like the thread of Ariadne, which led Theseus safely out of the labyrinth after killing the Minotaur.

  • Nina: Schäferpfeife
  • Alana: Hundry Gurdy
  • Niklas: Irish Bouzouki
  • Peter: Drumset, Darbuka
  • Andi: Bass
  • Dylan Kerr: Tar

👣 Tanz Tanz Tanz! 👣

You can find Waldkauz here: