Cover: Cesair-Dies, Nox et Omnia

🎶 NEW Monthly Marker 🎶

October is CeltCast’s birthmonth, and because of that always a moment to look back a bit. But what if we were to look way, way back? 📻

This month’s Monthly Marker is Cesair‘s Atiny Naya, which is not only a song from their first album, but also the very first song that was played on CeltCast! 🥳 On the 24th of October 2014, at 18.00 CET, these lovely sounds, provided at that time by Monique, Thomas, Jan, Sophie and Fieke, signalled the beginning of our journey, and we will always thank them for this! 🎻

Atiny Naya commends the value of music as a force that rises above men’s daily concerns. “Bring me the flute,” the speaker says, “and sing…” This song, unmindful of worries and troubles, attunes the hearts of men, who each are but a watercolour sketch drawn from a sea of ink.‘ according to Cesair themselves. 🎼

Join us throughout the month and dream away to the amazingly soothing sounds of this masterpiece, five to six times a day! 🎧

Cesair can be found here: