Cover: Stundom-Ma jeg holde din hand

The Daily Disc AND NEW Monthly Marker 📀 StundomMa jeg holde din hand (translation: May I hold your hand?) (2021)

In November, we will play the song ‘Frigear’ five to six times a day! 🤩

Recently, we received this amazing Nordic Folk album. While listening to it during travelling I knew…. this album is a pearl! I think our balfolk friends will love this one too! My favourite songs are ‘Frigear’ (new Monthly Marker) and ‘Baronen’. And, I really love the original album cover. 😍


Their music is inspired by the traditional dance music from their ancestors, mixed with the classical chamber music tradition and several modern symphonic elements, achieved with a blend of the cithern, the violin and the piano. Years ago, they performed with the name ‘Elmoe & Hoffmann’ and won the “new talent” prize at the Danish Music Awards Folk 2015. In 2017, the pianist Julian Svejgaard stepped in the project of Emma Kragh-Elmøe and Villads Hoffmann. 🎶

Thank you GO’ Danish Folk Music!

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast 🎻

You can find Stundom here: