Cover: Sowulo-Fæcele

⏳ NEW MONTHLY MARKER ⏳SowuloFæcele (2020) 📻

In these darkest times of the year, it is nice to retreat into the safety of one’s own home and reflect while staring into a fire, and this month’s marker is well suited for just that! Light your fire with Sowulo’s Fæcele (which means “Torch” in Anglo-Saxon) and enjoy its warmth with us! 🔥

Fæcele is based on the “Gungnirs Gap”, a story-telling track featured on their 2020 album GRIMA, telling the story of Odin hanging from Yggdrasil for nine days and nights. 🌙

The song was recorded in Auroch Audio Studio by Faber Horbach, mixed by Fieke van de Hurk in the well-known Dearworld studio, and mastered by Nico van Montfort in XPZ sound studio. Working together, once again they delivered a beautifully produced track! 💻

Come join us in our digital homes throughout the month of November and let’s share the comfort of this beautiful torch! 🥰

– Arjan

Sowulo can be found here: