Cover: Shane Ó Fearghail-The Might See Dolphins

📻 While writing the following ‘Daily Disc’, the idea came up to choose a new Monthly Marker by selecting a track of one of Shane Ó Fearghail’s albums! We decided for the coming month of May, to play ‘Faerie Tree’ five to six times a day on CeltCast Radio! 😍

The Daily Disc 📀Shane Ó FearghailThey Might See Dolphins (2016) 🐬

Earlier, I wrote about Shane’s new album. This one is from 2016. It’s less folky than his latest release. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful album with all songs in the English language. And I just love Shane’s warm and distinct voice. I’m sure I’ll listen to this one a lot!

Like I told you before, Shane is an Irish singer-songwriter who lives in Vienna at this moment. This album gives you a warm summer feeling, although the lyrics are not always happy per se. But such is the case with songs about life, feelings and nature. 🌿

The booklet, eight pages, contains the lyrics of the songs and a couple of small drawings. On the back, it lists all the guest musicians. The Artwork is by Sabine Mann again and Shane himself.

My favourite songs on this album are: ‘Faerie Tree’ and ‘The Last Trees’ 🌳

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast 🎻

You can find Shane here: