Cover: Katje Moslehner-Am Weltenrand


The minute we heard the first notes of ‘Am Weltenrand‘, Katja Moslehner’s) first solo single, it wasn’t a question IF we would make it a Monthly Marker, but only WHEN we would do it. Well, the simple answer was: as soon as possible!!! 😍

Originally a Bulgarian circle dance, this version has all the energy of early spring in it. So it is the perfect song to celebrate the month of Ostara, the month of the spring Equinox! 🐣🌷

Eagle-eared people may recognize it from another German band, Triskilian, who recorded this song on their 2012 album Neo. Katja’s German version is just as vibrant and energetic as the Triskilian version, a worthy Monthly Marker to bring some much-needed cheer and energy to these weird times we are all still in. 🌞

‘Am Weltenrand’ is also the title track of Katja’s upcoming solo album, which will be released on the 2nd of April. We were allowed to listen to it beforehand, and although we are bound to secrecy, I can tell you it is going to be a treat! Fans of Katja’s music will definitely not be disappointed, I can tell you that. 🤩

OK, enough of this teasing, let’s focus on ‘Am Weltenrand’. Obviously, it is a German translation put to the original music, and it combines the beauty of German folk, Katja’s love for Eastern European music that goes back to her days with the Balkanfolkband Savica, and the spirit of the native American chants, expertly woven into the music by Bernd Wendlandt. 🎼

You can dance to this beautiful song the whole month, 5 to 6 times a day, all the way up to the spring equinox.., and beyond. So throw off your shoes and let’s dance the whole night long…, until we can greet the morning sun and the start of a new day. 🌤

– Cliff

Photo given by: Katja Moslehner

You can find Katja Moslehner here: