Cover: Shantalla-A Band of Gold

It’s that time again, when we move from one month into the next, and that also means that we get to highlight a new track for a month! And this month we’re not lying when we say it’s a NEW track!

Our friends of Shantalla have only recently released a brand new track and upon hearing it we quickly decided that A Band of Gold was to be our main feature for March. This song, originally written by Maurice McGrath, is a tragic lovestory about a couple that can’t get married because the man isn’t wealthy enough and the woman’s father will not allow it. It is played in a style that is not only what we would expect from a Folk group like Shantalla, but also in a way that immediately makes it a traditional!

Enjoy this track five or six times a day all through March, we know we will! 🙂

You can find Shantalla here: