Cover: Grumpy O Sheep-East of Talisker

JUNE 🔎*NEW MONTHLY MARKER* – Grumpy O Sheep – Fox Hunter 🦊

Looking for something to dance to, to help brighten the world and lift spirits? Look no further! Our new Monthly Marker is Fox Hunter by Grumpy O Sheep! This song is a beautifully peated and powerful Irish folk tune, spiced up by some amazing southern European influences, which will have you on your feet in no time! 👣

Grumpy O Sheep is a duo originally from the Belfort region. They came together in 2017 and have played a year throughout the East of France before rocking the entire country all through 2019! In the fall of last year, they completed their first album “East of Talisker” from which we have taken this month’s Marker. 🐑

Please enjoy “Fox Hunter” all through June and show the band your love! 🥰

You can find Grumpy O Sheep here: