Cover: SeeD Pagan Folk-Het Vergeten Volk

🎶 New Monthly Marker 🎶SeeD Pagan Folk: “Het Vergeten Volk” (The Forgotten People)

July is usually THE month leading up to Castlefest, but this year, everything is different, as we all well know. Though we could all cry and lament what is “not”…we feel it is more important to make sure “what was and will be” never gets lost. And that is the feeling behind SeeD Pagan Folk’s latest release: “Het Vergeten Volk” (The Forgotten People). 🧝‍♀️

Though the song is about the creatures and legends of old, the feeling of the song definitely applies to the living legend that is Castlefest and the emotions it, and all festivals like it, conjure up in all of us, addicted as we are to the (almost) spiritual high we experience together! 👣👣👣

So come and join us throughout the entire month as we sing the tales of the forgotten people and those not forgotten but dearly missed. “Sing our tale, go and look for us. We will never be lost.” 🥰

You can find SeeD Pagan Folk here: