Cover: Furda-Bojany

✨ Happy new year! ✨

We’re excited to share our January Monthly Marker with you – the band Furda and their song “Lisek.” You might recognize one of the band members from the EP “Ren Vas Terul” which we loved for its originality and play since 2019. 📀

Furda is made up of Jakub “Cukier” Podskarbi and Bolesław “Ren” Rygiel, both from Poland. The band’s name, “Furda,” is an old Polish word meaning something foolish or silly, but we can assure you their album “Bojany,” released in 2022, is anything but. 😍

Furda’s music blends together a variety of genres and influences, featuring soothing melodies on instruments like the Bulgarian kaval and Irish flute, as well as intense rhythms and vocals. You’ll hear a mix of folk instruments and ancient flutes from different cultures, and you might notice similarities to bands like Heilung, Omnia, and Lorn. 🎶

Both musicians are also professional instrument makers – Ren creates wind instruments like Irish whistles and Bulgarian kavals, and Cukier specializes in Polish folk instruments. Cukier’s masterpiece is a reconstructed ancient chordophone called the Suka Biłgorajska. 🎻

We hope you’ll enjoy listening to this Monthly Marker several times a day throughout January, and we wish you a musical 2023! 🎶🎵🎶🥂

You can find Furda here: