Cover: Vilsevind-dag o natt

As the first month of the year has finished we are happily moving forward towards our Fantasy Awards 2019/20 (FB) event. One of the ways that we mark the passing of time is through our Monthly Marker, and the first of February means that it’s time to switch again!

This month, staying in Swedish sounds, we chose Tusentals Färdas by Vilsevind – Swedish Folk (FB)! This song, which starts out a capella, reminiscent of last months Häggsjön, quickly evolves to create a very joyful, danceable song, which invites you to take a journey with the band! The song is taken from Vilsenvind’s latest album “dag o natt”, of which every song has been added to our playlists, both the one we broadcast as our radio-stream as well as our Spotify playlist!

Speaking of last months marker, with our switch to the new server we encountered some technical difficulties, which led to a few days of missed Monthly Markers. Since we want to give everyone equal promotion we decided that this wasn’t fair, so we will continue playing Triakel’s Häggsjön throughout February as well, thereby giving this month a bit of a Swedish duet theme 😉

Enjoy both songs, five to six times a day, al through February!

You can find Vilsevind here: