Jacqueline Heliser

It’s the 1st of February so it’s time for a new Monthly Marker, and we really have something special for you! This time we didn’t choose a song from an album, but we chose a song that we recorded ourselves! (No, it’s not us singing, we wouldn’t do that to you) 😉

This month we will give extra attention to an amazing traditional, and a personal favourite of both Alex (FB) and Arjan (FB), called Siúil A Rún. The version we will be playing five to six times a day is a hauntingly beautiful rendition by Jacqueline Helisir (FB) and it was recorded by us during her performance at the Midwinter Fair Archeon (FB) this last December.

If you like it only half as much as we do we’re certain you’ll be enjoying it greatly this month!

Pic by Kees Stravers (FB)