Cover: Elvya-Untold Stories

As we have moved into December it is time to change our Monthly Marker again. The avid listener may have already noticed the new track 😉

This month we have chosen the amazing song Gover Si Vena by Elvya Dulcimer, and we’re quite certain you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

The song, of which there was an official video released recently, has some very deep layers to it, both musically as well as in the lyrics. As it is written in Elvyan, Liesbeth’s own language, it will be a bit hard for most people to understand, but if you check out the video we’ve linked below you’ll find a complete transcript, as well as a translation in the information box.
We hope that you can experience the power and emotion in this song as deeply as we have, and we thank Elvya for providing such a beautiful Monthly Marker.

You can find Elvya here: