Mia Guldhammer & Morten Alfred

🤩 New month, new Monthly Marker! 📀

The festival season is here again in the Netherlands! Although it’s currently snowing at CeltCast HQ, we are looking forward to enjoying nice weather, dancing to uplifting music and the togetherness at festival grounds. And if anyone knows how to get a crowd dancing, it’s Mia Guldhammer (FB)! 😍

Recently, she released a lovely and danceable album she recorded together with Morten Alfred called ‘Tral, Trad & Traditioner’, of which we are going to play the song ‘Rundt Pa Gulvet (Around The Floor)’ five to six times a day in April! Let’s dance, be kind and enjoy life together! 👣🥰

P.S.: Cliff de Booy wrote a review about this album.

Photo by: Jes Paul

You can find Mia Guldhammer & Morten Alfred Høirup here: