Cover: Alasdair Fraser-Dawn Dance

🤩 New Monthly Marker!

Alasdair Fraser’s Fiddle World – Free Rein 🥰

In these trying times of quarantine and social distancing we could all use a little free rein, to let life take us where it needs to go, so we thought we would give you all some of that throughout the month of April! Alasdair Fraser’s Free Rein, taken from his 1995 album Dawn Dance, uses some very traditional but fresh sounding fiddle tunes to pick you up and get you dancing through your livingroom! 👣

Alasdair Fraser is one of the greatest carriers of the Scottish fiddle music tradition, a fiddler whose warmly expressive playing, mastery of his instrument and deep understanding of his native music as a venerable and continually evolving art is an inspiration to generations of musicians on both sides of the Atlantic. For this song in particular and the album as a whole Alasdair teamed up with a whole host of highly skilled and talented musicians, and that level of experience resonates through the entire song. 🎶

So join us this month, turn up the volume on your stereo, and come dance with us like nobody is watching to the tunes of Free Rein! The song will be played five to six times a day every day, all through April! 😍

You can find Alasdar Fraser here: