Next weekend we’ll have King’s Day in the Netherlands, where almost the entire country will turn bright orange and there will be celebrations all around. However, King’s Day isn’t traditionally focussed on Folk music, so if that’s what you’re looking, you’ll probably have to travel. Not very far though, as there will be this little thing called Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum in Dortmund , Germany, and of course CeltCast will be there!

Now, due to circumstances, we couldn’t get any livestreamers there, but rest assured, our photographers will definitely give you all a taste of the atmosphere at this huge festival!

If you’re also going to be there, be sure to look up our photographers, they are always in for a hug! And hey, if you’re able to do some live streaming, feel free to stream into our group on Facebook, CeltCast Community , and share that festive feeling with the world!