Just 3 more weeks until EMIAN PaganFolk is back at Castlefest ! Last year was their first time at the festival and we can safely say it was a great success!

These crazy Italians had Castlefest dancing, literally! All three shows there were so many people dancing that it was almost impossible not to join in. Their music really does give a chance for the balfolk dancers to go wild. And they did just that! It was special to see the Castlefestians embrace this “new” band with open arms. It was clear that the musicians, Anna , Emilio , Danilo and Martino , were a little overwhelmed by the love and enthusiasm they received.

And it wasn’t only the band who were ‘slightly’ impressed by this all. This success and the joy of this first time Castlefest for such a good friends had our very own co-founder cry happy tears! (you can take a guess who it was ?)

Needless to say, we are looking forward to seeing our friends again, receive long overdue hugs, to listen to beautiful pagan music, and just go dance and be happy! Are you coming and join us? EMIAN is playing Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

pics by Kees and Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography