CD Collection

🍃 On this drizzly and stormy Dutch Sunday in the Netherlands, we have good news for our listeners worldwide! At this very moment, 18 hours of new music will start playing. These tracks are selected from many newly acquired albums and therefore have not previously been played! 🎻 Last week we received various beautiful albums from Trobar de Morte and Priscilla Hernandez – Yidneth, of which songs have already been processed and scheduled for airplay! So, take a seat in your lazy chair, pour yourself a warm drink and listen to beautiful folk music for the rest of the day! 🎧

Below the names of the bands from which we will play a song that we have not played before: A story of Mick Fitzgerald (with music of Nadia Birkenstock – Celtic Harp & Song), Rúnfell, Almune, Munknörr, Gealdýr, Dave Flynn – Composer/Guitarist, EMIAN • PaganFolk Music, Flairck, Gillian Frame, Kelten zonder Grenzen, Lúnasa, Magda Andersson, Pyrolysis, Ritual Duir, Solas, SKRÖMTA, The Chieftans, The High Kings, Vael, Beoga, Golden Bough Music, The Waterboys, Hamon Martin Quintet, Nadia Birkenstock – Celtic Harp & Song, Hedningarnamusic, L’Ham de Foc, Sowulo and Rapalje Celtic Folk Music!

Enjoy! 🤩

Musical greetings,
Ilona Celtcast 😘