The winter months were usually a quiet time. A time in which we had to think really hard about what to tell you all to keep this page interesting.

These days, there is no rest for the wicked and we are working and posting so much that sometimes, some very important posts get lost in space (cyber or normal space)

So it was to our great shock that we totally missed to post a celebration post for one of our more silent team member’s birthday. So in the mind of better late than never, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY DYLAN!

Many do not know it but Dylan is one of our tech-specialists working hard behind the scenes to get all sorts of awesome stuff build and figured out. Besides that he is a talented musician (check out a project named Bruni) and devoted festival goer!!! His birthday was on the 9th… (yes we are very late – shame shame shame)

But even though we are late, we hope you all would still wish this awesome guy a happy birthday!

(Pic hijacked from Dylan’s Facebook account 😉)