We are slowly waking up to the last day of Castlefest .
It’s a bitter sweet morning for all of us. Just one more day to go before we return to the real world. Or maybe Castlefest is the real world and the rest is just insanity.

We are tired and sore from the previous three days but we are happy, filled with love and overwhelmed with many beautiful memories.

Yesterday was another day of creating memories that will last forever. From waking up with La Hord e by means of a pillow fight, dancing on Pyrolysis , SeeD Pagan Folk , Cuélebre , The Dolmen and Rebels of the Sacred Heart , to bring love into the world with Emian PaganFolk on stage and the Wicker Man burning brightly.

Not even to mention the greatness we shared through our live streams with RAN & Kraft and Heilung .

We share a handful of these memories through these pictures. Today we aim to create more of these memories and end up Castlefest with a smile on our face and our hearts filled with love.

See you later today, either in real life or through the streams!