Munin, Oliver Satyr’s first solo album

Last year, Oliver Satyr released his first solo album Munin, and this beautiful album ended up as a welcome present under our resident reviewer’s Christmas tree.

On Munin, Oliver Satyr brought together a lovely selection of songs he recorded solo, or with the different side projects he has had over the years together with Kati Rán, Paris Paloma, Gina Wetzel and Boris Koller.

Beautifully packed this album is a must have, not only for the fans of Faun or Oliver Satyr, but for everybody who has a warm heart for neo- and paganfolk.

Want to know more about it? Follow this this link and read what our reviewer Cliff made of this beautiful album. Can you judge a album by its cover? The answer to this question is just one click away.

Guilty pleasures

Cliff has been a bit Naughty. At CeltCast we have our guilty pleasures. Bands that don’t play Acoustic European Folk so we can’t play them on the station, but we hold very dear to our hearts. Sunfire is one of those bands, so although their new album The Devils Drink is not eligible for an official review on our CeltCast page he still couldn’t resist himself, so he wrote a reviewing article and hid it in the news section, thinking we wouldn’t find out. Off course we did, but as we all share his guilty pleasure we want to share the link anyway. Enjoy the read. Just don’t tell him we did this 😉


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