FaerieCon Old friend of the Folk scene, and of CeltCast, Miles Batty went to FaerieCon East last weekend and wrote a great review!

If you want to read all about SJ Tucker‘s performance, how Miles literally bumped into Steve of Omnia during FAUN‘s enchanting show, the overflowing enthusiasm the next day, when so many people wanted to see the Woodland and Omnia shows that they exceeded the maximum capacity of the ballroom, then go to our

Reports page.
Find out what happened after the shows, when Miles met more of CeltCast’s friends like Micheál Ó Laoghaire and Christen Marie of Ravengrove Radio. How FaerieCon Saturday ended in a hotel room after-party with Steve and Jenny, Rob and Daphyd, Satrya and Emilio, Stephan and Oliver. And how Woodland provided an wonderful end to the FaerieCon experience for Miles with an acoustic set, before slipping away into a deep… deep sleep…

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