Last month, we received a message from this band from the Alsace in France. In October, they released their first EP, Unserland, with four beautiful pieces of music. The songs are inspired by regional history and its oldest legends. As soon as you start listening you are in a distant and ancient world. Low voices, dark tones, historical instruments, and primal forces can be felt immediately. This EP is a good start. If you love Sowulo, Heilung, Munknorr and Wardruna it’s a good possibility you like Towarb too. We at CeltCast are looking forward to hearing more of this band! And, maybe on stage in the near future?
and My favourite song on Unserland? That is: Sterne.

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast

You can find Towarb on:
Facebook: Towarb
Bandcamp: Towarbensemble
YouTube: Towarb