Recently, we received the beautiful debut album of the French band Scurra! It’s funny how new music is reaching us because of “social media”. Last month, our Cliff wrote a review about the debut album of Le Garçon de l’Automne. The man behind that album connected Scurra with us. So… thank you Quentin!

Scurra, which means beautiful spirit in Latin, is a troupe of five minstrels who perform festive music of medieval inspiration. They are using instruments like the violin, flute, guitar, bodhràn, tambourine, and drums.
The album contains eleven songs. Except for the intro, we are going to play all of their songs. This album has an amazing booklet, as you can see in the photo! It’s a beauty for medieval folk collectors. The lyrics are in the French language and you can find them in the booklet too. My favourite songs are: La mort des Hommes (the death of men) and La Geste de Fergus (Fergus’s gesture). I hope you’ll enjoy these songs as much as I do. It would be fantastic to see them perform those live at one of the festivals we hope to return to!
For more information, please check out their pages!
Their website: scurra
Facebook: scurra.folkmedieval
YouTube: Scurra Band