A bit of interesting challenge I’ve been asked: write a short bio for the CeltCast Website.
Here we are..

I’m Christophe, born and raised in North of France, landed in the LowLands 23y ago at the time of writing (and yes, I still have my French accent not matter what).

I crossed the path of CeltCast during the Fantasy Awards 2021, where I was the house photographer for P60. Alex offered me to join, and here am I trying to write a bio.

Just as everyone at CeltCast, I love music, a lot.
While I tried to be a musician (I still have a bass guitar), it very soon became clear that for everyone’s hears, I’d better be a photographer.
And here am I, often to be seen at concerts, earplugs in, trying to get some good shots.

I thrilled by trying to get THE shoots, and the buzzing contacts with the bands and musicians.

At the end, I’m still not a musician and it actually might be for the best!