It isn’t a surprise, Alex mentioned it a few times already, but CeltCast is celebrating its five year anniversary!

Five years of love for folk festivals, fantasy festivals and acoustic folk music. Five years of making playlists, livestreaming at festivals, bringing a small music scene to as many people as possible and building a network of amazing friends along the way.

Over these last five years we have worked hard to develop a platform for the acoustic folk music scene to promote the music, bands, festivals and events through the many ways of the world wide web. For the whole team but especially for Arjan and Alex, it has at times been blood, sweat and tears but it was so worth it and we are going to celebrate this milestone.

This new banner and logo are only the start, over this coming year a lot of exciting things will happen, keep an eye on this page, our instagram and youtube channel to ensure you keep updated!

5 years CeltCast