The Highland Sell-Outs!

As our first adventure into the UK is getting closer we at CeltCast are getting more and more excited each day. While this country and festival are new to us, we know that we will see many familiar faces there.

Some of these familiar faces are onstage together as The Highland Sell-Outs ! A group of very talented musicians that bring a mix of traditional folk, rock and pop, in very cool upbeat songs to very beautiful ballads that have brought at least of one the CeltCast crew to tears before.

The Highland Sell-Outs will be playing at Fantasy Forest on the Dream Stage and Dragon Stage on Saturday and Sunday and you may find them in the field performing acoustic as well.

The new album of Pyrolysis

On the 30th of June it was finally time for the new album of Pyrolysis to see the daylight.
In the pure fun and music loving style of Pyrolysis there was no big production or event, No, there was a party of epic proportions! At the small but awesome festival of RosRock Festival , in Rossum, close to the Pyrolysis home base, on a very sunny afternoon, “Daylight is Fading” was released to a very enthousiastic crowd! At a music festival, organised in an apple orchard, on a stage that is normally somebody’s front porch, Pyrolysis showed a bit of what the new album is going to give us. In true Pyro-fashion, the fun, the love and true nature of what music is made the release of their new album epic!
It shows that you don’t need big productions, release events or even ask money for entrance! No, just have a commited awesome festival organisation, visitors from all kinds of backgrounds, some alcohol, food, sun, and people like, Stan , Rikke , Laurens , Tim and Joshua , and nothing more is needed. It’s a recipe for a good afternoon and had the Celtcast crew smiling brighter than the sun!

So, now you know about the release party but what about the album? Is it good? is it fun? is it epic?
Well for that Cliff has been putting pen to paper again, or maybe I should say, got behind the keys of his computer again.
Go and read what Cliff has to say about “Daylight is Fading!” Do it on your way to El Mundo Fantasia , so that when you are completely into the album you can buy it there, as our Pyrolysis friends are playing there is weekend. 😉

mini-Daylight is Fading Cover

A new CeltCast button!

Aside from Fantasy Forest having their first edition, and even aside from CeltCast’s first ever venture across the pond, there is one more new thing heading towards the UK…a new CeltCast button!

As regulars of the Dutch festival scene already know, we make a limited number of buttons for each festival we visit, and we hand them out to friends. Some say they are traded for hugs, and obviously hugs are always welcome, but just a bit of enthusiasm will land you one of these highly collectable beauties as well! So if you see us at Sudeley Castle , come say “Hi!”, give us a hug if you are so inclined, and score yourself some awesome accessories. 😃

Button Fantasy Forest

Hope to see you all at Fantasy Forest!

As we’ve mentioned before on more than one occasion, in just under three weeks from now CeltCast will take it’s first official trip into the UK, when we head for the first ever edition of Fantasy Forest .

This festival will be held at Sudeley Castle , an amazingly beautiful location that feeds right into the dream that any fantasy festival should be.

Looking at the organisation you would never know that this is their first edition! With an amazing line up and loads of entertainment, combined with a very impressive marketplace, the experience of the individual organisers shines through in every aspect, and we are very honoured to have been invited to join in the celebrations.

Fantasy Forest Banner


As we start the second half of the year it’s also time to introduce the new Monthly Marker! We’re very much looking forward to meeting our friends of Greenrose Faire again at Fantasy Forest at the end of this month, so together with the organisation of this festival we chose one of their songs for the month of July!

We chose ‘Never Walk Alone’ which was released as a single in 2018 and is of course a part of Greenrose Faire’s latest album ‘Riders In The Night’. This upbeat folky dancing song will have you up and about, jumping and spinning in no time, so put on your dancing shoes (or go barefoot with us) and let’s hop our way towards Sudeley Castle !

If you like the song and want more, you can find all of Greenrose Faire’s music on all worldwide streaming platforms, so there’s no reason not to sing along when you finally get to see them on stage!

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