On Saturday the 15th of June awards-winning Irish Folk band Altan takes the Zomerfolk stage.

In the mid 80’s singer and fiddler Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh teamed up with flute-player Franky Kennedy, they released an album called Altan.

Gradually the duo grew into a band and since they started to preform under the name Altan in 1987, they sold over a million records and played on stages from America to Japan and from Ireland to New Zealand.

In 1994 the band suffered a great loss when foundingmember Franky Kennedy died after being diagnosed with cancer.

Franky Kennedy kept on touring throughout his illness and after a period of mourning the band resumed as requested by Franky before he died.

Altan is primary influenced by tunes and traditional songs in the Irish language from Donegal, moving people aroud the world with sensitive, touching songs and hard-hitting reels and jigs.

In 1996 Altan was the first traditional Irish music group to sign with a major label. Their latest album titled ‘Gap of Dreams’ was released in 2018.

Inspired enough? Want to see it? Be there at Zomerfolk, June 15th, 17.15h MainStage!!!


Rapalje’s Zomerfolk Festival obviously wouldn’t be what it is without the ‘Celtic folk with a difference’ of Rapalje Celtic Folk Music . Not only do they organise this entire festival in their own home town, they also will be playing not one, not two, but THREE shows during the weekend!

The band itself needs no introduction, but we do want to invite you all to their performances, which will be at 14:30 and 22:30 CET on Saturday and closing the festival at 19:00 CET on Sunday!

Saturday: Rapalje – NL Groningen, Zomerfolk Festival
Sunday: Rapalje – NL Groningen, Zomerfolk Festival

See you there!


CeltCast is spreading its wings!

This year we will be traveling quite a bit! In April we were already at the Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum in Dortmund, in July we will travel to the UK for Fantasy Forest , and then, after we had many amazing summer festivals in Holland, we will go to Germany again!

Besides our plans to visit Festival-Mediaval again in September, on the 18th to the 20th of October our photographers will be visiting our friends of Irfan , Heilung and Ye Banished Privateers at the Autumn Moon Festival 2019 in Hameln!

This festival is new for CeltCast but we couldn’t pass up the chance to see these awesome bands and maybe scout for some new music while there!!

We really ook forward to be at Autumn Moon and experience this festival, who will we be seeing there?

Autumn Moon


Do you remember that we told you about Rosanne’s talent and hard work providing us with custom banners for each upcoming festival? Sure you do, we told you that yesterday! Well, here’s another prime example of that, our new banner that will fly high above our Facebook page in the two weeks leading up to: Zomerfolk ! Keep a close eye on our page as we will share more information on this awesome festival in the coming time.

But, the reason for this post is of course to announce our new Monthly Marker, and this time YOU were able to choose the song! Several weeks ago Alex joined Maceál in his weekly livestream, and together they opened up a poll so that you could pick the song from Rapalje Celtic Folk Music ‘s latest album “Scotland’s Story” for us to play as Monthly Marker, and also for Rapalje to release as their first single onto all major online platforms. And the choice you made? Drumroll please……”The Strayaway Child”!

This song will be playing five to six times a day, all through the month of June, enjoy! And remember, we will be at Zomerfolk in two weeks time, with some of those one of a kind collectables in the form of buttons. So as always, come join the party over there, and trade a hug for a beautiful new button!

Bannner Zomerfolk


Every organisation, whether it be a one-man business or a multi-national corporation, needs people focused on graphics. To keep the visuals vibrant, to maintain a certain standard, to help innovate and polish the “face” of the organisation. A volunteer-run radio station is no different! And we are very lucky to have our own in-house genius!

We are proud to introduce to the world: Rosanne! (A.k.a. Roos/Rose) Daughter of Alex and Ilona, Rosanne has been very close to the fire from the start of CeltCast, and so she really knows and feels what CeltCast needs, visually. Her graphical talents are utilised by us in lots of ways, most noticeably by altering our Social Media logo and banner into variations that are specifically linked to festivals we attend. This means that she is also the mastermind behind the design of those very hard to come by buttons that we give out at those festivals. So if you own one (or more) of these collector’s items, you can thank her for the design! Speaking of our logo, it was Rosanne that updated our original logo recently by taking out the “Community Radio” part, balancing the whole, and adding the new twig to the lyre to signify our growth!

Taking all that into account, and adding that she is currently also developing photography skills, you can imagine how thrilled we are to welcome her to the team! So please join us and say a heartfelt hello to her here in the comments, and feel free to read her bio, in her own words.



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