Hello music lovers! 🎼

The last month of the year has started! A year in which we worked hard on filling our new radio server. If all goes well, we’ll go live in January! Exciting! 📻

But first … the Christmas season! To get in the mood, we also have a number of Christmas albums this week. Just light the candles, listen to CeltCast Radio and enjoy this atmospheric period. 🌲

I will tell you something about the processed albums below. 📀


We’re very happy that these beautiful CD’s have been processed: 🎵

Golden Bough – Christmas in a Celtic Land (1997) (US)
Harmony Glen – Jingle Your Bells (2018) (NL)
The Shannons – Married Man (2014) – (NL)
Back of the Moon – Luminosity (2007) (UK)
Trolska Polska – Moss EP (2013) (DK)
Woodland – Secrets Told (2013) (US)
Bran – Beaj vat (2016) (CZ)
The Trouble Notes – Soundtracks from the Street EP (2017) (DE)
Vael – Mure (2017) (ES)
Gny – Aerlig Pael (2008) (DK)
Sarah MacNeil & Jessica Burton – Mira (2013) (UK)


Golden Bough Music – Christmas in a Celtic Land (1997) (US)
We bought this album years and years ago just before the Christmas days! I love the magical sounds of this album with Christmas songs! And, we really want to collect more music of Golden Bough Music in the future. 🎄

Harmony Glen – Jingle Your Bells (2018) (NL)
Last year the song “Christmas Is Here!” was our Monthly Marker in December! But, we didn’t have the album. A couple of weeks ago Harmony Glen gave us this special album at Fantasy Fest Rijswijk for our collection. 🎅

The Shannons – Married Man (2014) – (NL)
We bought this album years ago at Rapalje – NL Groningen, Zomerfolk Festival. It’s a diverse album with different styles. And… the last song of the album is a Christmas song! ⭐️

Back of the Moon – Luminosity (2007) (UK)
(Hamish Napier, Findlay Napier, Gillian Frame, Ali Hutton) This album made me speechless. It’s a perfect folk album. Our Cliff de Booy ( Cliff de Booy Concert Photography ) gave me this beauty a couple of weeks ago at Castlefest Winter Edition 2019. Cliff is very attached to this album and, after listening, I really understand why. For that reason, we are looking for another copy of this album. After which, we can return this one to Cliff’s collection. But we all will fully enjoy the songs on this album, I’m sure of that! Thank you, Cliff 😘

Trolska Polska – Moss EP (2013) (DK)
Years ago, Alex Sealgaire got this very special album of Martin Seeberg at Castlefest. We are very careful with this edition with a real tree leaf on it. A year later the full album “Moss” was released. Our friends from Denmark have a special place in our heart and they bring us the powerful and energetic folk music. 🎻

Woodland – Secrets Told (2013) (US)
A couple of years ago we met the band Woodland from, like they say: “the misty forests of Oregon” at Castlefest . This album has a beautiful appearance with an extensive booklet! 📜

Bran – Beaj vat (2016) (CZ)
(Robert Fischmann, Vojtěch Jindra, Tomáš Görtler, Petr Tichý, Petr Mikeš) This summer our CeltCast colleague Ralph De Gaël brought us the album of Bran. Thank you, Ralph! They have another way of making folk music with a French “Son ar chistr”. In the Netherlands we well know that song of Rapalje Celtic Folk Music , “wat zullen we drinken”. 🍺

The Trouble Notes – Soundtracks from the Street EP (2017) (DE)
A couple of weeks ago I already told you about these energetic musicians! They are playing a lot “on the street”, hence the name of this album! We’re going to play the song Boddah (acoustic) and Barney Rubble for you! 🛣

Vael – Mure (2017) (ES)
This album fell on our doormat last year and we instantly fell in love! In June 2018 the song ‘Mure’ was Monthly Marker on our radio station. And this year we received their new album: Kairos. Keep an eye on them, they’re going to be big! 🌞

Gny – Aerlig Pael (2008) (DK)
This is an older album of Nanna Barslev of Asynje. We bought it this summer at Castlefest after the fantastic gig of VIRELAI . I really love the song ‘Rolandskvadet’. The booklet is special; you can expand it into a poster. 🖼

Sarah MacNeil Harpist & Jessica Burton – Mira (2013) (UK)
Alex Sealgaire bought this album in a secondhand store! Magical harp sounds…. I love the song ‘Blue Gaze’! I couldn’t find this duo on the internet, but I saw that Sarah is playing at weddings (Sarah MacNeil Harpist Weddings )! So… if you want to celebrate love…

That’s it for now, see you next week!
Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast 💕

CD covers

A new Monthly Marker

These may be the darker days of the year, but that won’t stop us from shinig a light on some amazing music. Last month we were honoured to bring you a beautiful recording by Mojra singing a gorgeous traditional, this month we would like to introduce you all to some other friends of the station that we made over these past years, the incredible musicians of ORO – Music from the wild, wild East .

Jovana, Jovanke is also a traditional, but this time one from the Macedonian region. As is so often the case with these beautiful old songs that have withstood the test of time, it is because the subject of the song is equally timeless, two young lovers separated from each other by dissapproving parents. It is this emotion, unattainable love, so well known by many, that is beautifully conveyed by the talented artists of ORO. We hope you will love this song just as much as the lovers in it love each other!

As usual, the Monthly Marker will be played five to six times a day, throughout the entire month, so there’s no reason to miss it 😉

For some more ORO, check out the videos we made of them at Festival – Mediaval this year, for example:

Hello music lovers!

After a Castlefest Winter Edition weekend with a lot live music, we have much more music for you!

Today I present you: six albums of the CeltCast Fantasy Award longlist “Best Album 2019” and eight older (or digital) ones. Music from a lot of different countries and with a broad range of styles!

M’ANAM — M’ANAM (2019) — Ireland and Iceland
On Saturday, February 16, 2019, we were asked to make a live stream during the M’ANAM concert in Rotterdam. That was a very special evening and… it was an honor to be there! (You can see these livestreams on our webpage or Facebook page.) The men of ANÚNA , “M’ANAM” have also released this album and it is beautiful! 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦

Nadia Birkenstock – Celtic Harp & Song (2013 and 2019) — Germany
This week we have an older and a new album of Nadia! Of course, the harp is a well-known instrument in the folk scene. Nadia has made another album to dream away with magical harp tunes! 💭

Imbue and Twigs & Twine — The Netherlands
On the 12th of September the CeltCast team went to the Gasthuiskapel (-chapel) in Zaltbommel for the album release party of Imbue (folk, medieval music) and Twigs & Twine (folk pop). Although the bands are certainly not similar, it was a very interesting combination of musical sounds in this beautiful chapel. Both albums are beautiful in their own way! ⛪️

North Sea Gas — Hearth And Homeland (2019) — England
On our way back home after the Fantasy Forest Festival in England Alex and I travelled to Oxford. In a nice pub we met musicians during their Folk Session. After a couple of weeks, we found this amazing album in our mailbox! It’s their 21st album, so… a new collection of Scottish Folk Music! 🎻

EMIAN • PaganFolk Music — Egeria (2019) — Italy
Years ago, we’ve met the members of Emian in person at the lovely festival Celtic Night Geluwe and… they stole our hearts with their music ánd their personalities. I don’t have to say much about this album, because our Cliff de Booy did that already. You can find his review here (November 6th ) (pssst, I LOVE it <3)📜

Bruni — Kynda (2018) — England
The band Bruni released their first album last year. Their own words are: “Across borders, across languages and across the ages”. And, that is wat this album you brings. Keep an eye on this young band! Our own CeltCast Dylan Kerr (and his girlfriend Alana Bennett) are musicians on this album! 💫

Jolin – no physical album yet — Germany
This young lady has just started yet! She has a beautiful voice and we’re curious to what she is going to bring us in the near future. There is no physical album yet, but… we have permission to play a couple of her songs already! You can find Jolin regularly with The Dolmen clan. 😊

Victor Santal — Arpa Celtica (2012) — Spain
Yes, we finally have permission to play this wonderful album on our radio station. Enjoy this magical harp sounds! 🧚‍♀️

Tevenn — Rhuys (2007) — France Years ago, Alex and I were on holiday in Brittany (France), where we bumped into this folk band at our campsite. And, we still like to listen to this album! We hope for new material from this band soon. 🇫🇷

Clannad Irish Band — Past Present (1989) — Ireland
On June 26th, our Cliff de Booy wrote a large review about Clannad, so… if you want to know more about this Irish band, go to: https://celtcast.com/?s=clannad 🇮🇪

Kallidad — Unplugged 2018 (2018) — Australia
At Elfia Arcen we met the Australian band Kallidad (a band with Mexican and flamenco influences). Fantastic energetic music to listen to. When we brought home several albums, we already knew that most of it would not fit in the format of our radio station, but … there is one song on this unplugged album that we can play, yes! 💃🕺

Cuélebre — Anaman (2017) — Spain
This band brings us pagan folk music from Spain. This album Anaman made in 2017 takes you to earlier times, that’s for sure. We are eagerly awaiting new material! 🍃

Very happy that these beautiful CDs have been processed: 📀

M’ANAM — M’ANAM (2019) — Iceland and Ireland
Nadia Birkenstock — Whispering Woods (2019) — Germany
Imbue — Ut solis radium (2019) — The Netherlands
Twigs & Twine — Long Story Short (2019) — The Netherlands
North Sea Gas — Hearth And Homeland (2019) — England
Emian Pagan Folk — Egeria (2019) — Italy
Bruni — Kynda (2018) — England
Jolin — From the Woods (2019) — no physical album yet — Germany
Victor Santal — Arpa Celtica (2012) — Spain
Nadia Birkenstock and Steve Hubback — The Glow Within (2013) — Germany
Tevenn — Rhuys (2007) — France
Clannad — Past Present (1989) — Ireland
Kallidad — Unplugged 2018 (2018) — Australia
Cuelebre — Anaman (2017) — Spain


Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast

Photo of the albums

The fourth longlist of the Fantasy Awards 19/20 is online!

This is your chance to put your favourite band in the spotlight! Which album, released in 2019 moved you the most?


Best Album

Another amazing edition of Winter Castlefest!

With all the onslaught of the Fantasy Awards, we haven’t forgotten about the essence of the Fantasy Scene, the festivals!

And this weekend it is time for another amazing edition of Winter Castlefest !

Wether you are looking forward to seeing your friends, drinking warm mead or dancing to the tunes of the many bands there.

With bands like EmBRUN , Kelten zonder Grenzen , Varend Volk , Cesair , Trobar de Morte , Ye Banished Privateers and the BelgaBoys it will be a wild party!

And of course CeltCast will be there and we will have our specialised buttons again! But be quick, as always we have a limited amount.

See you there!



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