Laroux (& de Meute)

Laroux (& de Meute) will perform a unique, one of a kind show at Zomerfolk this year. This group of talented musicians combine influences and sounds from all over the world to create a folk feeding frenzy that will grab you and never let go!

They play one show only in this capacity this year, and that show will open the Main Stage of the festival on Saturday at 13:00 CET.

The Dolmen

The Celtic folk-rock sounds of The Dolmen are never the same, but always recognisable. This UK based band, driven by their strong cultural heritage and and deep pagan background will always draw the crowd into their performance, whether that is a powerful folk-rock set or a more intimate acoustic journey. A staple of the European festival scene, they are a sight for sore eyes and a sound for folk hearts!

The Dolmen will play the Main Stage at Zomerfolk on Saturday at 15:45 CET, and two sets at the Pub stage on Sunday at 14:00 and 15:30 CET.

The Dolmen

Are you ready for a trip with the men of the Forgotten North?

The Sunday at Zomerfolk will start with an epic journey through the land of the north, the vikings and strong men.

Forgotten North will wake you up with a melodic rock/metal show in which you are taken to the gates of Asgard and they tell you stories about Yggdrasil and the ways of the North.

Ready to go on this journey? Come to the MainStage on Sunday at 13.00h and step on board.

Sowulo newest single ‘Brego In Breoste’

About a month ago Sowulo released their newest single ‘Brego In Breoste’, taken from their upcoming album. The sound is more epic, more Nordic, more Viking Folk than the Celtic Pagan Folk album ‘Sol’, or the ritual Neo-Pagan Folk CD ‘Alvenrad’. It even has vocals!!

So we contacted Faber Auroch for an interview so he could tell us all about the single, the new sound, the recording process and the upcoming album. Just follow the link and dive into the spiritual world of Faber and his brainchild Sowulo.

Sowulo have a new single out called Brego In Breoste. We had an interview with Faber Auroch telling all about it.



It wouldn’t really be Zomerfolk without Flannery playing there, right?!

The whole Zomerfolk weekend you will get the chance to party with the men of Flannery! They play twice on Saturday in the Pub and on Sunday they get to throw a different kind of folk rock party on the MainStage at 16.00h!

So if you are up for fun, folk rock and a wild party, be there and party on until you drop!

Pics taken at Keltfest by Andre Willemse

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