LQR is a tall drink of folkrock divided over six shot glasses. A combination of single malt originals and blended traditionals, the cocktail they create will have you dizzy dancing in no time! Whether you are a habitual enthusiast or an occasional connaisseur, come fill your tumbler at their Zomerfolk performances on Saturday in the Pub at 20:15 and 22:00 CET!


Today we have a double treat for you! And it features a band that not only plays at Zomerfolk this coming weekend, no they also have a new album out very soon!
And we were lucky enough to be allowed to listening to it even before it is released. Who are we talking about? Of course it is Shantalla !

Shantalla is one of those bands that hardly needs an introduction. A staple of the “trad style” folk scene, it is virtually impossible that any folk lover not know about them. For that matter, it is also virtually impossible not to love them!

This Irish/Scottish combination plays both their own work as well as traditionals, but when they play these trads they certainly make them their own! Highly experienced musicians, each of them alone, but when they combine you can just feel the magic happen and the music come to life! Nowhere is this more evident than on their new album ‘From the East Unto the West’, where they combine their skills and styles to create a work of art! Amazing rhythm guitars and epic vocals (in every sense of the word). Haunting uilleann pipes and classical violin alternating with fierce fiddles. But it’s hard to put into a small text on social media, and so our own Cliff has written a beautiful and extensive review of the album, go read it at


Are you excited yet? Well, we are, so please join us in front of the stage at Zomerfolk, where Shantalla will play on the main stage on Sunday at 17:30 CET


When talking about THE MAHONES some very impressive lists arise. The band has been around for over 25 years. They have toured through 35 countries. They have released ten studio albums, three compilation albums, two live albums and two EP’s. To list the guest artists that have appeared on these albums would make this post way too long for social media 😀 Suffice it to say, this band of magnificent musicians are very well equipped to rock everyone’s world!

They will be bringing their award winning and blood pumping Celtic Folk Punk to the crowds of Zomerfolk on the main stage on Saturday at 20:45 CET. Be sure to bring your energy levels up beforehand, as you will most likely be dancing like crazy to their sounds, because that is how good music like this is meant to be experienced!

Saor Patrol

We all know Saor Patrol , those five energetic guys from Scotland, for their pounding musical power on stage. But did you know that this band is part of a non-profit charity called The Clanranald Trust for Scotland ? This organisation is dedicated to promoting increased awareness of Scottish culture and heritage through interactive education, something that we at CeltCast can obviously only support and encourage!

So come and party with us. at Zomerfolk on Saturday at 19:00 CET and Sunday at 14:30 CET and let’s celebrate the power of the Scots together!

Saor Patrol

The Flask

Irish and Scottish folk, with just a pinch of fantasy. Add four enthusiastic musicians, gently shake, do not stir, and out comes a smooth blend of sonic goodness that’ll warm the coldest of hearts! Whether you enjoy carelessly dancing to the music or sitting back to let the sounds and stories flow over you, The Flask will not disappoint!

This band will be the first to perform at Zomerfolk , opening the festival on Saturday at 12:00 CET on the Pub Stage.

The Flask

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