On the rocky road to… Harmony Glen!

See you all at 20:00h CET for yet another live Q&A session and some happy folk extravanganza!!


Yes, that’s right, we keep them coming! This time CeltCast will team-up with the energetic power-people that are Harmony Glen !

Many words have been used to describe this band’s musical style: Americana, Folk, Steampunk, Folk-Rock, and more. Let’s all just call it Harmony Glen style from now on, shall we? 😉

This friday, the 30th of March, they will be live in the livingroom with Alex for the combination of interview and performance that we have all come to know and love. As always feel free to ask any questions you might have, either here in the comments or live during the event, and we will try to ask as many as possible of them!

See you Friday at 20:00h CET!

harmony glen

Allow us to introduce you to KNEP!

A Swiss band, playing Scandinavian music, on a Dutch radiostation, broadcasting worldwide. Now how is that for “international”? 🙂

Wondering what band that may be? Well, allow us to introduce you to KNEP ! We first saw them at one of Beertjes Bals in Alphen a/d Rijn and we instantly loved them and wanted to introduce them to all of you! So Cliff went all out! Here are two ways to get to know them: an interview and an album review!

So if you want to know more of the backstory of this lovely duo, you can read the interview at this link .

If you want to know more about the music itself, check out Cliff’s review of their album Bestioles at this link

P.S. The artwork shown here was made by the very talented Emilie Waldken herself


Introducing Throwback Thursdays

And today we are throwing you back to one of the most amazing shows of last summer. Back when Heilung made a whole field of festival goers cheer, gasp and quiver in awe. Except for Kees , our award winning photographer took his moment, stayed sharp and shot these amazing pictures. Needless to say, we wouldn’t mind having Heilung back at Castlefest this year!

PS: we are very proud of Kees, he just got one of his amazing Heilung pictures published in REVOLVER Magazine !!!


What a way to kick off the festival season!!

Traditionally the festival season was kicked off by the Gothic & Fantasy Beurs . The market and stage programma are always the best way to get into the mood for a season full of amazing parties and events.

Not only did this weekend give us the great opportunity to catch up with friends, give hugs, buy new outfits and stock up on our Mead, it had an amazing lineup as well.

For this edition the program was almost designed to get us into the festival-mood. On Saturday we had target=”_blank”>RASTABAN , Harmony Glen and Pyrates ! throwing a party that had many people dancing!

And on Sunday they gave us Plunder , Sowulo and Rapalje . The pirates of Plunder had us dancing along for an early morning workout, while Sowulo gave us a chance to just listen to their beautiful tunes. Of course Rapalje doesn’t need explanation, it was one big party!!

Needlessly to say, the CeltCast team had a great time and we are looking forward to this season packed full of fun and good music!!

Check out the livestreams we did here .

And check out these pictures to relive these beautiful moments. Credits: Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography

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