Aftermovie CeltCast Fantasy Awards 2023!

Exciting News! Today, the official after movie for the CeltCast Fantasy Awards at the P60 has been released! 🌟✨ Relive the enchantment, the music, and the incredible moments that made the awards ceremony at P60 Poppodium Amstelveen truly unforgettable.

Immerse yourself in a visual feast as you journey through the realms of fantasy music. Witness epic performances, heartfelt speeches, and the magic that unfolded during the CeltCast Fantasy Awards. This after movie, featuring a stunning thumbnail by Christophe Vico, captures the essence of the event like never before, showcasing the extraordinary talent that makes the fantasy music community shine.

🎥 Watch the full after movie now and let the melodies sweep you away, while the imagery ignites your imagination. Experience the celebration of remarkable artists and their contributions to the fantasy music genre.

Special thanks to the incredible CeltCast team, whose dedication and hard work made the CeltCast Fantasy Awards possible: Berit, Rosanne, Ilona, Mels, Alex, Hannah, Helen, Ruben, Joni, Christophe, Andre, Rens, Nele, Erik, Jan, Linda, and everyone else who contributed their time and efforts.

Don’t miss out on this captivating visual experience that will transport you back to the heart of the celebration at P60 Poppodium Amstelveen. Relive the moments, share the magic, and join us in celebrating the incredible talent that makes the fantasy music community thrive!

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…Turning the spotlight on lasairfhíona ní chonaola

From the first moment CeltCast started broadcasting, we have been aiming to bring you the very best of the European Folk Scene. Not only focussing on the new albums coming out on a regular basis, but no also diving into the history of our favourite music, putting the spotlight on some famous albums, or -as in this case- introducing an album that has been somewhat forgotten in the midst of time.
An Raicin Alainnis (2002) is the beautiful debut album of the Irish Singer Lasairfhíona Ní Chonaola. An album that is still easily available secondhand through eBay. It is an album I found on Spotify while working on my Fiona Fyfe review and one I fell in love with head over heels. A lovely album to end my time with CeltCast.
I loved writing about the music so dear to all our hearts. I loved working with all the musicians and want to thank every single one of them very much for their time and support. I also want to thank my fellow CeltCast’ers for the laughs, fun, and good times we had. Last but not least I want to thank my team. Diane, Gwen, Iris and Sara for their support, ideas, and editing skills. It was an honour to work with you.
Enough about me. As always it is all about the music. Please follow me in my discovery of this forgotten gem with a click on this link.


Sing, Ye Bastards!

Morning rituals, everybody has them. In my case I start with a shower, make myself a cup of coffee, get all comfy under a blanket on the couch, and spend a peaceful hour waking up, listening to one or another review album before the hassle of the day finally arrives and I have to go of to work.
These last weeks I could have spared myself the effort of making coffee, Sing, Ye Bastards!, the latest album of Bavarian band Tir Nan Og was quite enough to get me awake. Wide awake to be perfectly honest.
The fun fast folk-rock, full of energy, full of surprises, was quite enough to get me dancing in the living room way before it is legally allowed, making me lord of the tiptoe, just to make sure I wasn’t upsetting the neighbours at 06:00 AM. This band is something! Who needs a cup of coffee if they have this on their ears!
Getting interested? follow the link and read all about this triple dose of cafeïne disguised as a folk band. You’ll be in for a good time, no matter if you listen to it in the morning, during the afternoon, or at midnight. This band rocks at any time of the day! – Cliff

Born from tradition

Today’s spotlight is going to be on Shane Ó Fearghail, an Irish singer-songwriter who lives in Vienna.
Up till now Shane was an unknown name in the folk scene. The three alternative pop albums, although lovely to listen to, had little to do with folk music. But luckily for us, living away from Ireland during a pandemic made Shane reminiscent of his past, reminiscent of his family, and reminiscent of his heritage. And as to be expected from an Irishman living abroad, the result is a beautiful singer-songwriter folk CD.
With his captivating voice, this talented musician takes us on a lovely journey to his hometown of Dublin, to his youth, and into his mind; his perspective on life. It’s a journey I loved from the beginning to the very last note.
Please follow the link to read all about Born From Tradition and I hope you will end up loving this album just as much as I did.

Go raibh maith agat as do cheol Shane. Ba mhór an pléisiúr éisteacht leat.
– Cliff

Of lilting, friendship and the Danish Scene

When we started CeltCast, our roots were in the pagan folk scene, but quickly we discovered how diverse and beautiful the European folk scene is. In the last two reviews, we explored the talent-filled and vibrant Scottish folk scene, now we turn our attention to the smaller but equally vibrant Danish folk scene. Over the years we made many friends in that scene. One very dear to our heart is Mia Guldhammer and we are happy to introduce her latest musical project to you all. Not only because we love Mia, but also because Tral, Tråd & Traditioner is a fun, good mood album, the lilting in it addictive as…well..folk (!?), and because Morten Alfred Høirup a vocal revelation for those who don’t know him.
So without further ado we give you: the review of Tral, Tråd & Traditioner.



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