The third long list is online!!

This time you can vote for the best, most amazing “smaller” festival you have been to in 2019!

Happy birthday Cliff de Booy!!!!

Getting more and more well know in our scene, many of you know Cliff as one of our amazingly talented photographers!

Most of the time you’ll see him in front of the stages with his camera in his hands. But did you know that Cliff is also the mastermind and pen behind all our album reviews?

Just this morning, this hard working writer uploaded his latest beautifully written review!

And when we say hard working, we mean hard working! Cliff is currently writing nonstop to get you all the ins and outs of the amazing music we play. And we really really love all this hard work he is doing for us!!!

So join us in wishing Cliff a very happy birthday!!!


Pic by Spiegelwelten Photography

Wednesday Review day!

And today we have the honour to introduce Mann to you, the new CD of Faber Horbach ‘s brainchild Sowulo .

After two albums inspired by nature and the pagan festivals, Faber found his inspiration somewhere else for his third album. within himself.

he gave us an album that is intense, powerful, sometimes overwhelming but in the end beautiful. Writing this review was a journey for me as the music Faber has written isn’t ‘easy’, so I needed my time to listen to it, slowly understanding what he was saying through his music. and in the end, thát is the power of Mann. It’s a piece of musical art.

want to know more? Well here is the link

Cover picture Mann

The next voting poll for the fantasy Awards is the one for Best Big Festival!

Come over to the Fantasy Festival Site and vote !!!

The first long list is online!

The first long list for the Fantasy Awards is actually a request for advise.

We want to know which categories we should have in the Awards 2019/2020. Should there be an award the Best Festival? Or do you think we should award a nominated volunteer? Or maybe you want us to give an award to the Best Merchant/Stand?

Follow the link to our long list where you can vote for multiple categories and add the ones you feel are missing!

This long list is open until November 16th, 19:00h CET.


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