The first review of 2020

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It’s Wednesday again, but not only that, but it’s also the first of January, So from all of us here at CeltCast: A HAPPY AND MUSICAL NEW YEAR!!!

I can promise you this year is gonna be special, we have many treats and surprises that we are working on at the moment. None of them I can reveil, but all promising to be really good, so keep your eyes on this page and on our webpage 🙂

Now we can start 2020 with a bang. A personal bang anyway. Summer 2018 Alex Sealgaire introduced me to two lovely ladies from Spain who have become very dear to my heart, former Cuélebre singer Rose Avalon and Belenosa Sombra. Together they formed a new pagan folk band called Ritual Duir. I was allowed to follow their musical journey the last 1 1/2 years and fell in love with their music from the first moment I heard it.

So it is with real pride that I may reveal that the first review of 2020 is The Path Of Druids, by Ritual Duir.

Happy new year!

Wherever you are in the world, we wish you all a good 2020, filled with good health, love and beautiful music. 2020 will be a very special year for CeltCast, with the organisation of the Fantasy Awards 19/20, the building up of our foundation and all these awesome festivals and concert to visit.
We wish you will all share in our journey through 2020 and share in the beautiful folk music we encounter. Happy 2020!

With love,
The CeltCast team!

Happy New Year

Folk for Charity

Folk For Charity 2019

Community Centre Swaenswijk in Alphen aan den Rijn has been the at centre of a very special event the past two days. Musicians have played folk music for 24 hours, non-stop, to raise funds for the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). There has been a program full of live performances, lectures and Balfolk and Scottish dance courses.

Tijn Berends is the organiser of Folk for Charity. This is the second year he has organised a non-stop music session for charity. ,,You often see fundraisers like this in other music scenes. Pop music has the 3FM Glass House and classical music has benefit concerts. In September last year, I had the idea to do this for folk music too. The downside is that these kind of music sessions are not very interesting for the public. So we made sure to put a stage somewhere else, so that the audience has bands to visit as well.”

All profit will be donated to charity. This year, two people achieved the goal of playing for 24 hours straight. A lot of musicians had sponsors per hour. Berends will know what the profit is in about two weeks. Last year, €2150 was donated to Giro 555, the Dutch collective of 11 charities amongst which are Oxfam Novib, The Red Cross, Unicef and Terre des Hommes.

The goal of 24-hour non-stop music was achieved. Singer-songwriter Simon Oak was one of the two musicians who played for the entire 24 hours. Last year, only he achieved that goal. ,,I think the non-stop part is peculiar. I like crazy stuff like this; I had to participate.” Oak likes meeting other musicians. He is often found in pubs in Ireland with his guitar, looking for the next jam session to attend. ,,People at a session like this are very approachable. It’s easy to have a chat with someone. It’s funny, because I recognise some people here by their instruments.” Isn’t it hard to make music for an entire day? ,,Well, it’s easier if you are a multi-instrumentalist. For example, I play the guitar and a bit of accordion and flute. And I sing.”

Last year, Folk for Charity was located in a school building. This year it was held in the Maranatha church of Alphen aan den Rijn. There was always someone from the township present during this event, Emile Schoneveld being one of them. ,,We have two-hour shifts. We watch over the coffee corner and make sure everything goes well, “ he says. He had a Friday night shift. ,,Someone from the next shift just arrived. I’m going to bed now, but tomorrow I will be back for the music!”

Will Folk for Charity return next year? Berends doesn’t know yet. ,,This year, it was quite hard to find a good location. I think we will let it rest next year, but I’m sure we will be back the year after that!”

The time is nigh…

We are entering the last week of voting for the long-lists for the Fantasy Awards 19/20!

The photo album for the category ‘Best Costume’ will be online until next Friday, the 20th of December 19.00h CET.

Give the costumes you like most your love by liking them. The top 5 costumes will then go on to form the short list to compete for the award. For this short list we have both a jury and a people’s voting system. We will aim to select a jury which is both knowledgeable and fair. This means that 50% of the points will be given by a jury and 50% by the number of votes that the costume receives.

Sharing the pictures is of course allowed (we even want you to share all over 🙂 ) but please keep in mind that the likes counted are the ones on the picture in this album, not in the shared posts.

A new music video, don’t miss it!

Imbue will delight us this week with a new music video from their latest album Ut Solis Radium.

Worldes Bliss shall be released on YouTube, where you can already find music videos of Stella Splendens and Oh Madame . Worldes Bliss is after a 13th century song about how the bliss of life doesn’t last. It has a beautiful chant-like melody by two voices who are driving each other forward.

Let it take you on a journey with its pure, soulful and meditative sound.
Don’t miss it!



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