A special Rapalje Celtic Folk Music livestream!

A special Rapalje Celtic Folk Music livestream tonight, as our own Alex joins in! Come be a part of all the fun and ask all the questions you’ve ever wanted ask, and share your own stories too!

And one very special treat. If you click on the following link, not only will you see the tracklist of Rapalje’s newest album, you will also be able to vote on which song we will be playing as Monthly Marker! This will also be the first song that Rapalje will release on various platforms! So head on over to https://strawpoll.com/6eckgf7p and VOTE!

Location: Castlefest – Day 4 Castlefest Q&A in the Academy

Picture by Robbert Jan Looman ( www.arttovisual.nl )

Location: Castlefest – Day 2 Band: FAUN

Jyoti Verhoeff feat. Fraukje Ramona Weishaupt in the Old Ursula Church at Warmenhuizen (NL)

Guinevere at Zeeheldenfestival – Short surprise interview!


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