Today’s spotlight is going to be on Shane Ó Fearghail, an Irish singer-songwriter who lives in Vienna.
Up till now Shane was an unknown name in the folk scene. The three alternative pop albums, although lovely to listen to, had little to do with folk music. But luckily for us, living away from Ireland during a pandemic made Shane reminiscent of his past, reminiscent of his family, and reminiscent of his heritage. And as to be expected from an Irishman living abroad, the result is a beautiful singer-songwriter folk CD.
With his captivating voice, this talented musician takes us on a lovely journey to his hometown of Dublin, to his youth, and into his mind; his perspective on life. It’s a journey I loved from the beginning to the very last note.
Please follow the link to read all about Born From Tradition and I hope you will end up loving this album just as much as I did.

Go raibh maith agat as do cheol Shane. Ba mhór an pléisiúr éisteacht leat.
– Cliff