BFA Goodie-bags
Tomorrow evening our friends of Bastaard will host the second edition of the Fantasy Awards, and CeltCast will of course be there! In fact our very own Arjan is one of the judges 🙂 Will we be seeing you there too? We certainly hope so!

If you don’t have tickets yet, check out their give-away with five(!) goodie-bags filled to the brim:

Just be sure to get your tickets before midnight CET!

And if you really can’t make it, say because it’s a bit too far to travel from the USA or something, then keep an eye out on both our Facebook page and Bastaard’s page! We will keep you updated on who won “Best Photo” and “Best Album”, as well as all of the other categories, as fast as we can!

And who knows, maybe we’ll be able to stream some of the entertainment too 😉