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Monthly Marker March 2015: Greenrose Faire

Cover: Greenrose Faire-My Home Is Where My Heart Is

For reasons that are very boring (they include words such as “generating statistics” and “playlist analysis”) but still are very important for the inner workings of a radio station, we need a specific point of recognition in our playlists. This could be anything, from a bleep to a fixed commercial break.

But we do not want bleeping ads 😉 disrupting our stream. We are not in this to be making money. Our mission is simply to spread the music we love to the four corners of the world. Thus searching for the best of both we came up with what we jokingly refer to as our “Monthly Marker”. We decided to give bands the opportunity to have a spotlight put on a specific track by playing it at that point of reference we needed.

To keep things interesting we change this song every month. The more avid listener may have already picked up on this system, as our past “Monthly Markers” were LEAF official’s “Terveh” in January and Random Reel’s “Clumsy Bear’s Reel” for February.

So with this new month comes a new song! All through March you can hear “Far Away” by the Finnish Folk band Greenrose Faire on average 5 to 6 times a day. We hope you’ll enjoy their music as much as we do, and if so, head on over to their Facebook page and give them a like!

You can find Greenrose Faire here:

Monthly Marker February 2015: Random Reel

Logo: Random Reel

It’s February – time for another Monthly Marker!

This time, we have chosen Clumsy Bear’s Reel from the Russian celtic folk rock band “Random Reel”. Enjoy!

Random Reel can be found here:

Monthly Marker January 2015: LEAF


Time for the first Monthly Marker! Monthly markers are songs that we like so much that we want to put them in the spotlight by playing them five to six times a day for a full month on our radio station. Hopefully, you will love it as much as our team does!

For January, we have chosen Terveh by LEAF. Terveh will also be on their new album LYS, to be released later this year.

LEAF was a band project led by Kati Rán.

You can find Kati Rán here:


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