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Monthly Marker January 2016: OMNIA

Cover: OMNIA-Naked Harp

Whoops! With all the commotion having to do with starting a new give away we completely forgot to mention something yesterday…

A new year, but also a new month, so that also means: a new MONTHLY MARKER!!!
For our latest MM we asked for your help to choose a track from OMNIA’s album “Naked Harp”, and we sure got it! So all throughout this month keep your ears open for OMNIA’s Uvil Uvil, which will be played five to six times a day!

OMNIA can be found here:

Monthly Marker December 2015: Elvya

Cover: Elvya-Untold Stories

As we have moved into December it is time to change our Monthly Marker again. The avid listener may have already noticed the new track 😉

This month we have chosen the amazing song Gover Si Vena by Elvya Dulcimer, and we’re quite certain you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

The song, of which there was an official video released recently, has some very deep layers to it, both musically as well as in the lyrics. As it is written in Elvyan, Liesbeth’s own language, it will be a bit hard for most people to understand, but if you check out the video we’ve linked below you’ll find a complete transcript, as well as a translation in the information box.
We hope that you can experience the power and emotion in this song as deeply as we have, and we thank Elvya for providing such a beautiful Monthly Marker.

You can find Elvya here:

Monthly Marker November 2015: Gilead

Cover: Gilead-Thousand Times

(Which is also our new MONTHLY MARKER)

Playing medieval folk, but with a massive twist, these seven musicians definitely surprised the CeltCast crew when they first contacted us. Their (very high quality) album “Thousand Times” contains many well known classics from medieval days, but the way in which they play them turns the songs into something entirely different! Hailing from Siberia, an area of the world that most people associate with icy cold winters, they really do know how to turn up the heat!!

As mentioned above, they have provided us with a great new Monthly Marker! Be prepared to party five to six times a day throughout the month of November to their “Hungarian“!

You can find Gilead here:

Monthly Marker October 2015: LEAF


Another Month, another Marker!

From the dreamlike atmosphere of Irfan’s The Cave of Swimmers we now move to the deep sounds of the nordic folk of LEAF official.

This October, on the 13th to be exact, we will see the release of LYS, their latest album, and from this album we chose the amazing track Harpa Toner as Monthly Marker. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and if you do remember to go get the album once it is released!

LEAF was a band project led by Kati Rán.

You can find Kati Rán here:

Monthly Marker September 2015: Irfan

Cover: Irfan-The Eternal Return


And as with every new month that means it’s time for another new Monthly Marker. We have certainly enjoyed VIRELAI’s Syv Kaerester but now it’s time to head to another part of the world for some entirely different music.

All through September we will be enjoying the wonderful Bulgarian sounds of Irfan with the track “The Cave of Swimmers”, taken from their brand new album The Eternal Return! This song will be played five to six times a day for the entire month, just because we really love it and we think you will too!

We actually had the pleasure of meeting Kalin Yordanov at Castlefest right after Irfan’s guest performance with Cesair and it turns out he is as much a fan of CeltCast as we are of Irfan, so we are very happy to be able to share this amazing music!


You can find Irfan here:


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