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Monthly Marker September 2016: OMNIA

Cover: OMNIA-Prayer


(Yes, I know the month started yesterday. We’ve been playing the song since then, just hadn’t gotten around to making this message, sorry) 😉

All through September we will play the lovely song “Freya” from OMNIA’s freshly produced album “Prayer” five to six times a day. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do, and let your feet be guided by these amazing melodies and rhythms because with music like this we’re certain that a dance a day will keep the darkness away!

You can find OMNIA here:

Monthly Marker August 2016: SeeD Pagan Folk

Cover: SeeD-Portal to Elfland

With a new month comes a new Monthly Marker. Please enjoy Twilight by SeeD Pagan Folk five to six times a day throughout August!

As a large part of the European Folk scene is currently vibrating with anticipation for Castlefest, so are we very much looking forward to this homecoming. And we have chosen a Marker to go along with that! Not only is the band SeeD almost synonymous with the feel of the summer festivals, avid followers of CeltCast may remember that they released their album Portal to Elfland at Castlefest last year, and that CeltCast was fortunate enough to be able to give one copy of this gorgeous album to a lucky winner. So join us in our festival vibes with this amazing song from this amazing band!

You can find SeeD Pagan Folk here:

Monthly Marker July 2016: Emian

Preview Cover: Emian-Khymeia


And actually one that hasn’t even been officially released yet! Our new Monthly Marker is Chêne Blanc, by the lovely Emian. This song features on their upcoming album Khymeia, to be released in a few weeks.

To the ear, this song is a celebration of everything that is good and amazing about Paganfolk of today, and the “Pagan” is accented by a very famous chant, originally written by Zsuzsanna Budapest, incorporated seamlessly into the track.

You can find Emian here:

Monthly Marker June 2016: Nadia Birkenstock


Time flies when you’re having festivals…er…fun I mean 😉 and so we have arrived at a new month. Our choice for this month’s Marker is “A Trip to the Islands” by Nadia Birkenstock.

This dream of a harp song is the opening track of her album “The Enchanted Lake”, which she recorded in 2011 together with Mick Fitzgerald as narrator for the stories on this fairytale-like album. Unfortunately Mick passed away recently, so this recording is extra special to all those involved. We will always have his great voice with lovely Irish accent to listen to…

We hope you will enjoy these soothing sounds as much as we do, and maybe join us in raising a glass to Mick!

Nadia Birkenstock can be found here:

Monthly Marker May 2016: Ingrid og Maria

New month, new monthly marker!

Once more we see a new month on the calendar and that is cause for celebration, because it also means it’s time for a new Monthly Marker! And boy, do we have something special for you this month!

Ingrid Galadriel (Sverresborg, Trøndelag Folkemuseum, Trondheim Vikinglag) and Maria Franz (Euzen) have been friends for years and have been singing together just as long, but only recently did they decide to record something together, which resulted in this astonishing duet!

“Tornerose” is based on a Norwegian folk tune from around 1970. It´s a feminist song, about a woman sitting in her tower waiting for her prince. She is lonely and depressed and no matter what preparations she does, the prince never shows up. In despair she drinks a bottle of wine and takes her sleeping pills, falling a sleep wondering why the prince would make a promise he can´t keep. This duet is sung in Swedish.

From the moment we at CeltCast heard this song we have been in love with the soothing vocals and gorgeous harmonics, and we are very excited to be able to share the song with you! All through May it will be played 5 to 6 times a day.

If you are as excited about this song as we are, let these lovely ladies know, so they might record more! (Or let us know, and we will get word to them of course)


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