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Monthly Marker November 2020: Sowulo

Cover: Sowulo-Fæcele

⏳ NEW MONTHLY MARKER ⏳SowuloFæcele (2020) 📻

In these darkest times of the year, it is nice to retreat into the safety of one’s own home and reflect while staring into a fire, and this month’s marker is well suited for just that! Light your fire with Sowulo’s Fæcele (which means “Torch” in Anglo-Saxon) and enjoy its warmth with us! 🔥

Fæcele is based on the “Gungnirs Gap”, a story-telling track featured on their 2020 album GRIMA, telling the story of Odin hanging from Yggdrasil for nine days and nights. 🌙

The song was recorded in Auroch Audio Studio by Faber Horbach, mixed by Fieke van de Hurk in the well-known Dearworld studio, and mastered by Nico van Montfort in XPZ sound studio. Working together, once again they delivered a beautifully produced track! 💻

Come join us in our digital homes throughout the month of November and let’s share the comfort of this beautiful torch! 🥰

– Arjan

Sowulo can be found here:

Monthly Marker October 2020: Cesair

Cover: Cesair-Dies, Nox et Omnia

🎶 NEW Monthly Marker 🎶

October is CeltCast’s birthmonth, and because of that always a moment to look back a bit. But what if we were to look way, way back? 📻

This month’s Monthly Marker is Cesair‘s Atiny Naya, which is not only a song from their first album, but also the very first song that was played on CeltCast! 🥳 On the 24th of October 2014, at 18.00 CET, these lovely sounds, provided at that time by Monique, Thomas, Jan, Sophie and Fieke, signalled the beginning of our journey, and we will always thank them for this! 🎻

Atiny Naya commends the value of music as a force that rises above men’s daily concerns. “Bring me the flute,” the speaker says, “and sing…” This song, unmindful of worries and troubles, attunes the hearts of men, who each are but a watercolour sketch drawn from a sea of ink.‘ according to Cesair themselves. 🎼

Join us throughout the month and dream away to the amazingly soothing sounds of this masterpiece, five to six times a day! 🎧

Cesair can be found here:

Monthly Marker September 2020: Basia Bartz

Cover: Basia Bartz-A Girl At Dusk

📀Basia BartzA Girl at Dusk📀

A new month, a new monthly marker!

You may have already heard it streaming on the station (because yes, we’re a day late in announcing 😊 ) and we hope it has caught your ear as it did ours.

With a slow, almost timid opening of this rendition of an old Polish folk song, Basia draws you into a mystical world. But stay alert, as just before the first-minute mark she unpacks this track with an energy reminiscent of Martine Kraft Music! Where the remaining three minutes go I cannot tell, because I only come back to reality when my index finger tries to find the ‘replay’ button on my phone.

To go with the unmistakable emotion that permeates through the song, she explains its meaning as follows: “The song is a tribute to all those who have to work beyond their ability, often without any recognition or understanding for the difficulties they face, and the strength they must possess to persevere, despite their own exhaustion.”

Basia debuting this way with a solo project promises many more pieces of art awaiting us in the -let’s hope not too distant- future. At CeltCast we can hardly wait how she will progress, building of course on her many years of experience playing the violin in a myriad of bands.

Thank you, Duncan Menzies (of PerKelt) for bringing her music to our attention. Thank you, Ben Walker for your support in this endeavor. And most of all: thank you, Basia for your courage, creativity, and deliverance. You turned a traditional into an instant classic!

And to our listeners, please enjoy ‘A Girl at Dusk’ which we will happily play for you 5 to 6 times a day in the month of September.

– Alex 🎻

You can find Basia Bartz here:

Monthly Marker August 2020: Salt House

Cover: Salt House-Huam

💿💿💿 NEW MONTHLY MARKER 💿💿💿 AND review ✒️!

Salt House – Album: Huam (2020) – Song: Fire Light ⚡️

A couple of days ago, our reviewer Cliff de Booy (FB) posted his review about the amazing album of Salt House! We were playing that album on our radiostream already, but because our team is very enthusiastic about this album we want to tell you that this month we play the song Fire Light every four hours! 🕰

Take a seat in your hammock and dream away on the undulating tones of this album! ⛱

If you want to read all about this beautiful album, check out the full review!

You can find Salt House here:

Monthly Marker July 2020: SeeD Pagan Folk

Cover: SeeD Pagan Folk-Het Vergeten Volk

🎶 New Monthly Marker 🎶SeeD Pagan Folk: “Het Vergeten Volk” (The Forgotten People)

July is usually THE month leading up to Castlefest, but this year, everything is different, as we all well know. Though we could all cry and lament what is “not”…we feel it is more important to make sure “what was and will be” never gets lost. And that is the feeling behind SeeD Pagan Folk’s latest release: “Het Vergeten Volk” (The Forgotten People). 🧝‍♀️

Though the song is about the creatures and legends of old, the feeling of the song definitely applies to the living legend that is Castlefest and the emotions it, and all festivals like it, conjure up in all of us, addicted as we are to the (almost) spiritual high we experience together! 👣👣👣

So come and join us throughout the entire month as we sing the tales of the forgotten people and those not forgotten but dearly missed. “Sing our tale, go and look for us. We will never be lost.” 🥰

You can find SeeD Pagan Folk here:


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