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Monthly Marker March 2022: Syr

Cover: Syr-Sentinel

A new month, a new amazing Monthly Marker! πŸ’ΏπŸŽΆ

Recently, we received the latest album of Syr, named ‘Sentinel’. It was released on the 14th of January. As our Monthly Marker we chose “Baobhan Sith”! ✨

We’ll play this song 5 to 6 times a day for the whole month of March.

Look at the beautiful album cover! The booklet of ten pages contains all the lyrics of the songs. πŸŽ™

More about SYR – Celtic Folk Rock from Columbia, S.C.

The band plays music inspired by Celtic history, mythology, and folklore.

You can find Syr here:

Monthly Marker February 2022: Rokkende Vrouwen

Cover: 'de Rokkende Vrouwen'

New Month, New Monthly Marker! This time a song from Belgium! 🎻🎹

Rokkende Vrouwen with the song “In ‘t Zoetste van de Meie” (In the Sweetest of the May). 🌸

We are going to play this song five to six times each day on CeltCast Radio in February!

Our photographer Andre Willemse (FB) went to see these ladies at the Dutch Festival Elfia Arcen (FB)! The organisers of this festival wrote about Rokkende Vrouwen:

Rokkende Vrouwen is a folk duo consisting of pianist and singer Hilde Van Belle and violinist and singer Lore Vancauwenberghe. Together they get old Flemish and Dutch songs from under the dust and put them in a contemporary jacket with here and there some Scandinavian influences. Expect danceable folk with unforgettable melodies and dreamy tones. Enjoy, dance, and travel through time and space with these ladies. From the 13th century poet Hadewijch to the 19th-century song β€˜De Weverkens’; the Rokkende Vrouwen get their inspiration from everywhere, and bring their songs in a hip folk version.

You can find Rokkende Vrouwen here:

Monthly Marker January 2022: Smorodina Reka

Cover: Smorodina Reka-ΠŸβ€‹Ρ€β€‹Π΅β€‹Π΄β€‹Π²β€‹Π΅β€‹Ρβ€‹Ρ‚β€‹ΡŒβ€‹Π΅

πŸ₯‚ The CeltCast team wishes you a musical 2022! πŸŽ‡

This year, we start with a new Monthly Marker from a Russian Folk Band! This band mixes Celtic, Nordic and Russian traditions.

Band: Smorodina Reka with the song ‘Evening‘. πŸŒ™

You can find Smorodina Reka here:

Monthly Marker December 2021: Christina Alden & Alex Patterson

Cover: Christina Alden & Alex Patterson-Hunter

πŸŽΆπŸ’Ώ New Monthly Marker and Daily Disc πŸŽΆπŸ’ΏChristina Alden & Alex PattersonHunter (2021) UK

Before I tell you more about this beautiful album, I would like to announce our new Monthly Marker of December! It’s “The Fox Song” of this talented duo from Norwich. We will play this song five to six times a day for the whole month! 🦊

Christina and Alex made this atmospheric album during the lockdowns of ’20/’21 at their own home. The album cover and booklet have a beautiful design, made by Christina herself! Instead of listing the lyrics in full, the booklet contains descriptions of the backstories of the songs. I really like this and feel it fits the warm atmosphere of the album. It is one to enjoy in peace, dreaming away listening to the beautiful arrangements. Songs about life, forest, nature, wildlife and friendship. And, I also love Christina’s warm voice.

So, the only advice to give is: please listen to the welcoming sounds of this album, and enjoy! 😍

Musical greetings, Ilona

You can find Christina and Alex here:

Monthly Marker November 2021: Stundom

Cover: Stundom-Ma jeg holde din hand

The Daily Disc AND NEW Monthly Marker πŸ“€ StundomMa jeg holde din hand (translation: May I hold your hand?) (2021)

In November, we will play the song ‘Frigear’ five to six times a day! 🀩

Recently, we received this amazing Nordic Folk album. While listening to it during travelling I knew…. this album is a pearl! I think our balfolk friends will love this one too! My favourite songs are ‘Frigear’ (new Monthly Marker) and ‘Baronen’. And, I really love the original album cover. 😍


Their music is inspired by the traditional dance music from their ancestors, mixed with the classical chamber music tradition and several modern symphonic elements, achieved with a blend of the cithern, the violin and the piano. Years ago, they performed with the name ‘Elmoe & Hoffmann’ and won the “new talent” prize at the Danish Music Awards Folk 2015. In 2017, the pianist Julian Svejgaard stepped in the project of Emma Kragh-ElmΓΈe and Villads Hoffmann. 🎢

Thank you GO’ Danish Folk Music!

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast 🎻

You can find Stundom here:


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