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Zomerfolk 2024

And the next festival is rolling in: Zomerfolk! We will be there with a team of several CeltCast-volunteers, so say hello when you see us (and maybe get a button 😀)!

Eallum 2024

The Sunday of Eallum 2024 has been cancelled due to the impact of the heavy rainfalls on Saturday evening and the bad weatherforecast for later on Sunday! Please follow their website or Facebook-page for further information!

This weekend the second edition of Eallum is happening! Check out their line-up – and you might even find some members of our team there!

Monthly Markers May 2024: Meidi Goh/Scurra

It’s the 1st of May which means two brand new Monthly Markers for this month!

Band no. 1: Meidi Goh (NL)
Song: Hold Fast

Band no.2: Scurra (F)
Song: Il nous reste à chanter (We still have to sing)

Both albums boast stunning artwork! 🎨 Dive into vibrant, atmospheric booklets packed with all the song lyrics. Meidi’s album features captivating photos, while Scurra’s showcases intricate drawings. Perfect additions to your music collection! 🎶
We’ll play these songs 5 to 6 times a day for a full month on our radio station. These songs are (not yet) on Spotify, but as soon as they do, we will add them to our special CeltCast – Monthly Markers Spotify list! Hopefully, you will love these songs as much as our team does!
Musical Greetings,
The CeltCast Radio Team 🎻

You can find Meidi Goh here:

You can find Scurra here:

Piratenabenteuer “Port Vlatten” 2024

This weekend, we may see you at Piratenabenteuer “Port Vlatten” (DE)!
Of course, we’ll have a brand new badge with us – you can collect it from our team members! 😎
Thanks again to our merch team for the design and printing press! 🥰

Elfia Haarzuilens April 2024

Another festival on the horizon:

Elfia Haarzuilens on 20 and 21 April in the grounds of Kasteel de Haar, Haarzuilens

You can find some members of the CeltCast-team among the crowd – and they may even have a button for you…


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