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Going Live and LSW Omnia

20140926-001 - Going Live and LSW Omnia
== WIN == WIN == WIN ==
And… now that we have your attention… 😉

The moment… You’ve ALL… been waiting for…
We are ready to announce our definite start date!

It has been quite a journey so far and now we have arrived
at the moment we can set a deadline. It has been set at:
…*drum-roll please*…

>>> ___ Friday the 24th of October !!! ___ <<<
Starting that day at 18:00h (GMT +2, Summer time) we will be broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, sharing the amazing music of “our” bands and artists.

And speaking of sharing, we have a little something to celebrate this! Head on over to the Give-Aways tab or our Facebook page and see what you can do to win an Earth Warrior T-shirt and a copy of the Earth Warrior album, signed by all the band members of Omnia.

Thanks, Stenny, Daphyd, Rob and Satrya for your support!! 🙂

*picture taken by Kees Stravers

Music, music, music

20140908-001 - Music, music, music Music, music, music…

The life of a station founder is tough! (but very awesome) 😀
Listening, screening, deciding where all this amazing music goes.
It’s a big job, but we love doing it. ^_^

Want to help make CeltCast amazing?

Well, you can always suggest music to us!
Which bands or artists do you feel we definitely need to play?

Check out our Contact tab, find us and let us know!


So, we went public over a month ago and look what happened. We were busy with lots of things (including holidays, so we’re not complaining) and when we returned we had over 200 likes on our Facebook page! Thank you all for your confidence and trust in us! Your support means the world to us.

Now, on to more busy times as we still intend to go on air in October! We hope to be able to give you an exact launch date very soon, so keep a close watch on this page.

First promotion

20140817-001 - First Promotion So, why did we embark on this adventurous journey?

Well, for the love of music for sure, but that’s not all.
There is something more, something greater than the growing collection of tracks we have selected for you.

It is in the energy that can be felt when discovering music you may have never heard before, but that can find its way to your most inner core by simply allowing yourself to listen to it.

It is in the emotion that bridges thousands of miles across land and sea, and even travel through time, with music as its vessel.

It is in the feeling of community that flows through a crowd at a festival concert, that synchronizes the hearts and minds of all present, allowing those gathered to live in harmony for days on end, and that stays with them for many days after.

To let music spread its magical powers across the globe, two things are essential to us. We need the treasures that the artists and bands create, to send out into the world, and we need for the people of the world to lend their ears and listen.

To support having both parties meet here at CeltCast, bands have donated their works of art, for us to give away and for YOU to Like, Share and WIN!

Can you guess which LS&W promotion we’ll start off with? 🙂

Logos by Rosanne

20140815-001 - Logo's by Rosanne - Kladblok At CeltCast we value and welcome the contribution of the community.

Our logo has inspired a Dutch teenager to run free with it’s design and take it one step beyond.

Thanks, Rosanne van der Jagt for participating and sharing!

We love your work. <3

20140815-001 - Logo's by Rosanne - Steen 20140815-001 - Logo's by Rosanne - Zon 20140815-001 - Logo's by Rosanne - Muur 20140815-001 - Logo's by Rosanne - Marmer 20140815-001 - Logo's by Rosanne - Kras 20140815-001 - Logo's by Rosanne - Hout 20140815-001 - Logo's by Rosanne - Koffietafel 20140815-001 - Logo's by Rosanne - Koffie


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