A little over a week ago we introduced Cliff to you all as our latest CeltCast family member, and one of the things he said he would be doing for us is reviewing albums, so it’s time for the first one!

Having Martine Kraft ‘s amazing song “Himmelfot” as our Monthly Marker this month, we thought it would be a good idea to start with a review of the album this song is from, Huldreblot, which was released last May.

In his review Cliff certainly shows what he’s made of, as he delves deep into not only the amazing album that it is, but also into his emotional connections with other music that was triggered by it and he clearly did research to provide the reader with not only relevant but also very interesting background information!

Curious yet? Good! 😀
Head on over to this link and read the review! You won’t be disappointed!