The Magic of Castlefest.

It has been talked about many a time. It was the magic of Castlefest that got me in the scene. It was the magic of Castlefest that got me back into band photography. It was the magic of Castlefest that got me volunteering for CeltCast. And now that same magic pulled me back behind the desk as a CD reviewer again. The enticement already started watching Brisinga  play their new songs from their new album Mooncult. It became even stronger looking at the awesome concert Sowulo played, knowing their new album Wurdiz has already been out for a while. But it became irresistible when a new neo-folk band from Czechia entered the stage on Saturday and mesmerized all who were there with their music, including me and musical editor Ilona.

It was there and then I decided this band deserved all the attention I, no we from CeltCast, could give them. It was then that I realized I still wanted to do something with the passsion I have for music, especially the passion for alternative folk music. It was there that the magic of Castlefest did its thing again. So I’m back. With a heap of CDs I wanna talk about. But starting with the one that pulled me in again. the beautiful album Du​š​e by the Czech neo-folk band Ďyvina. Just follow the link and find the review right here.

You can find Ďyvina here: